About Me

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Shelley is a publisher and author with a 20-year background in creative direction specializing in publication design and brand management. After breaking into eBook formatting in 2009, Shelley began focusing her expertise in assisting fellow authors in self-publishing until branching out into a mid-tier publisher where she could utilize her creative, technical and marketing skills and bring clients a full spectrum of publishing services. Goodlife guidecontinues to format hundreds of books globally by both well-known and novice authors each month. As a fellow author, Shelley understands the challenges and rewards that accompany all aspects of publication.

In addition to books, Shelley had established a successful career as a publications creative director at the helm of several upscale magazines, including Anthem Freedom Way, Desert Mountain Connection, Southwest Poker News and AZ Food & Life.

Shelley holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and undergraduate studies in Marketing from Colorado State University.

Shelley resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she continues to write with the support of her family, fellow authors and National Writer’s Groups. A social advocate, Shelley regards her greatest accomplishment to be the adoption of her two daughters from Ukraine. Shelley continues life-long efforts sponsoring Ukrainian orphans, advocating for orphaned youth vocational programs and the ban against human trafficking in Eastern Europe and throughout the world as an active member of An Orphan Smiles, Orphans’ Hope Foundation, and Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCT Now).

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